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    Martin Mathe
    Last updated
    December 26, 2022

    Denver is one of the top 10 job markets in the U.S., and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that about 2,300 HR managers are employed in Colorado.

    Given the strong job market, local Denver HR professionals are always looking for new ways to attract qualified candidates, improve hiring, and support an engaging employee experience. And what better way to improve and grow as an HR professional than learning from local peers in similar roles? Below, we’ve highlighted several top benefits of networking with HR pros in Denver.

    Learn HR best practices and trends

    In-person networking events, online networking groups, and other similar options provide an excellent opportunity for HR professionals to share the latest best practices and emerging trends. A recent study found that only 26% of HR professionals said they have the resources they need to perform their job well. In many cases, this is because they don’t have other HR team members at the company to share ideas with.

    By embracing both online and in-person networking events in the Denver area, HR professionals can develop a close-knit community, learn about the latest best practices and trends, and share resources with one another. This can include discussing a candidate attraction solution or interview approach that worked well, sharing recommendations for new HR courses or certifications, or passing along the latest industry research, along with other learning opportunities.

    Identify solutions to common challenges

    HR professionals have navigated countless challenges in recent years, including the global pandemic, The Great Resignation, candidate ghosting, and more. One study found that 98% of HR professionals are burned out after navigating the pandemic and related challenges. By networking with other professionals in the field, you can openly discuss top challenges and identify common solutions with other HR workers who have faced similar situations at their organizations.

    For example, as candidate ghosting becomes more common across industries and roles, a networking event or group can open the door for you to talk about which solutions your team or other organizations have in place to improve candidate engagement, speed up hiring, and prevent ghosting.

    Gain or become a mentor

    Networking with Denver HR professionals through online groups, virtual events, in-person events, and other opportunities provides a great opportunity to get to know HR peers who may hold similar roles at different organizations. Networking also enables you to meet HR professionals who either have more years of experience in the industry or are just beginning to navigate their HR careers.

    By meeting more senior level HR practitioners, you may find a mentor along the way who can provide expert guidance as you grow in your career. And interacting with more junior HR workers can give you the opportunity to pay it forward by serving as a mentor. Research shows that while 76% of professionals think mentors are important, only 37% have one. Effective mentoring is about both developing relationships that will be of value to you and giving back to members of your HR community by sharing your knowledge and expertise in the field.

    Share and receive referrals for open roles

    While some people may think HR professionals at different organizations primarily compete for the best workers, in some cases, a company might not end up hiring a candidate even though they are qualified. This might be because the company didn’t have the right open role, lacked the budget to bring on another employee, or chose another candidate whose skills aligned with the role requirements slightly better.

    According to recent data, referred employees are four times more likely to be offered a job than other applicants and stay with a company 70% longer than the average employee. As a Denver HR professional, maintaining a strong network of local contacts can help you more easily refer qualified candidates to your HR contacts when you don’t have the resources to hire them at the time, and receive candidates from other HR teams facing similar scenarios.

    Start networking with Denver HR professionals today

    Networking with HR professionals in Denver offers a wide range of benefits. Whether you’re just getting started with your networking efforts or looking to take on new networking opportunities in 2023, the team at AppyHere, the complete hourly hiring solution, is here to help.

    We’re excited to partner with Denver-based HR professionals on new networking initiatives, including a LinkedIn group and an upcoming, in-person networking event that will take place in February. Don’t miss out— join the LinkedIn group now and register for the event here.

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