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    Recruitment, hiring, and onboarding are three simple words for the complicated process of finding new talent and welcoming them to your business or organization. For any business, labor is a challenge, and traditional hiring techniques like paper applications are no longer getting the job done. Though recruitment is an admittedly time-consuming process, there are ways it can be streamlined so your talent acquisition team doesn’t have to spend as much time on repetitive processes. 

    Recruitment automation is accomplished with the assistance of platforms that automate some of the more time-consuming and repetitive processes of recruiting, including screening, applications, and matching up availability. One of the best parts of recruitment automation platforms is that they keep everything hiring-related in one place, meaning no more misplaced paperwork. Implementing recruitment automation into your talent acquisition saves time and money. Smaller teams can do more with their time with recruitment automation. It allows your team to spend its time on the most important things, like making genuine connections with individuals who can breathe new life into your organization.

    In this blog post, we will discuss the key features included in the best recruitment automation platforms and how AppyHere can help you achieve a more streamlined recruitment process and find the best talent for your company. 

    What Any Recruitment Automation Platform Should Include

    Recruitment automation should eliminate many of the headaches of the traditional hiring process. 

    When you are considering integrating a recruitment automation platform, you should ensure the platform you ultimately choose has plenty of features that make the talent acquisition team’s jobs easier and more efficient. The platform itself should have excellent user interface design. This means it should be not only easy but even pleasant to use for everyone. Users should be able to complete their tasks easily and quickly. 

    Other key features of recruitment automation platforms include the following: 

    Automated Screening

    Because all candidates are evaluated using an identical set of criteria, automated screening eliminates bias, internalized or otherwise, from the candidate evaluation process. Not only does this process ensure only the most qualified candidates advance to the next level of the hiring process, it speeds up the process by skipping the manual screening stage. Companies can more quickly move on to interviewing and onboarding qualified candidates. 

    Since all of the candidate information is initially anonymous and is based on each applicant’s qualifications, automation helps remove biases that creep into human-driven hiring processes and helps companies realize equal opportunity and hiring equity. 

    Frictionless Application Process

    Anyone who has applied for a job online knows the frustrations: you upload your fine-tuned resume, cover letter, and references, and then the application site asks you to enter all of that information again manually! A high-quality recruitment automation platform should make it as easy as possible for potential hires to apply. The industry average for applying to a job online is 15 minutes. We think it should be more like 2 minutes. This keeps you from losing quality candidates who become frustrated with the process or simply run out of time. 

    Availability Matching 

    Wouldn’t you like to have the tasks of matching availability taken off your plate? Figuring out who can work when is a complicated process that can be made easier through automation. Availability matching prioritizes candidates whose schedule aligns with the gaps you’re looking to fill. Put simply, a recruitment automation platform works for you to find the most qualified candidates who are available exactly when you need them. 

    In-App Interviewing

    In-app interviewing is a boon for your TA team for several reasons. First, all of the scheduling for these interviews is on the platform, meaning you aren’t juggling multiple calendars, inboxes, or sticky notes to remember who you are interviewing and when. And because it’s all much more convenient in the platform, in-app interviewing saves a ton of time, meaning you can interview more candidates and find more quality talent in less time. And with more time available, the TA team can devote those extra hours to the most critical tasks. 

    Experience Matching

    It can be frustrating for retail talent acquisition teams to spend valuable time finding and interviewing candidates only to discover they don’t have experience with the requirements of the job they’re applying for. Technology-driving experience matching ensures each new hire brings the right skills to the table, reducing the time it takes to train them and improving the team’s overall performance. 

    For TA teams who are hiring for multiple retail locations, experience matching is incredibly helpful in keeping the various skill requirements aligned with the candidates. It seamlessly aligns candidates’ skills with the job requirements and sets each location up for success. 

    Automated Interview Scheduling

    For TA teams and retail location managers, scheduling and re-scheduling interviews becomes one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks. Automated scheduling turns this arduous, never-ending task into a thing of beauty. Candidates schedule their own interviews based on the interviewing team member’s availability, saving time and reducing no-shows. This smooth process creates a positive experience for everyone. 

    Background Checking

    Depending on the size of your company, sending off background checks to be done and receiving the completed background checks can be a major pain point. Good candidates can accept other offers while you’re still waiting on the returned background check information. A high-quality recruitment automation platform should provide a third-party background-checking process that moves quickly and keeps you compliant. Faster background checks mean the whole process moves faster, meaning you’ll have a secure and reliable workforce while reducing the amount of time it takes to fill any open positions. 

    Secure In-App Texting

    Much like scheduling interviews, communication with candidates can leave you frazzled, trying to track down whether a conversation was via text, email, or another channel. Keeping all hiring conversations in one place, on your recruitment automation platform, means you’ll never have to do that detective work again. 

    Candidates and hiring teams connect directly and transparently through secure in-app texting. TA teams and managers will not have to take down the phone numbers and email addresses of candidates, and all communication is preserved so it can be referred back to in the future as needed. 

    Analytics Dashboards

    Predictive analytics lets you take the guesswork out of the hiring process. Your platform should be able to analyze your past hiring data and determine the number of candidates you should strive for at each step of the hiring process. You’ll have the right amount of employees without spending too much, and you’ll be able to spot potential bottlenecks and fix them before they become huge problems. 

    Your platform should also enable you to track crucial metrics, including campaign effectiveness, response rates, and candidate conversion times. Once you have these metrics, you can respond and adjust your recruitment tactics as needed. 

    Instant access to real data lets you become more proactive and make better-informed decisions. You can access valuable data like real-time salary expectations, candidate sentiment, and recruiter performance evaluation and use it to guide your decision-making. 

    You’ll be able to understand your recruitment pipeline better than ever with the information provided by a high-quality recruitment automation platform. You’ll know your Key Performance Indicators like cost per hire, offer acceptance rates, and how long it takes you to fill a position. This information will empower your TA team and managers to make better decisions from beginning to finish. 

    AppyHere: The Answer To Your Recruitment Automation Needs

    Whether we like it or not, the days of waiting for applicants to “pound the pavement” and fill out paper applications are over. The digital transformation of recruitment can be a pain, with talent acquisition teams and managers tracking down contact information across multiple communication channels and juggling interview scheduling. However, moving recruitment online doesn’t have to be a disorganized pain. A well-designed recruitment automation platform can help teams find, hire, and retain top talent with less frustration and more organization. 

    AppyHere does all of the above and more for talent acquisition teams. We help you do more with less – less time, less frustration, and less money spent on goose chases and dead ends. By optimizing and automating the recruitment process from beginning to end, AppyHere helps your organization or business secure the most qualified candidates for open positions, ensuring they’re available when you need them and keeping the entire process friction-free, transparent, and compliant with all relevant regulations. 

    Recruitment automation drastically reduces the time and money spent on the process. When you take away the hassle of hiring, it means retail managers can focus on revenue-generating activities like developing relationships with customers and managing inventory. They can focus on building their employees into a strong team instead of chasing down potential candidates. 

    If you’re ready to cut your hiring costs by as much as 75% and reduce the burden of recruitment for your talent acquisition team, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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