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    Martin Mathe
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    August 8, 2022

    To successfully hire hourly workers in today’s competitive job market, it’s important to think of candidates from a consumer perspective. Consumers have come to expect a frictionless experience no matter the brand with which they interact – from one-click shopping on Amazon to requesting a Lyft or Uber and immediately knowing the exact arrival time.

    Similar to their day-to-day consumer interactions, hourly candidates expect the job application and hiring process to be as frictionless as possible. If they get frustrated with the process, candidates will likely lose interest in your open jobs and pursue other opportunities.

    Is your organization supporting a frictionless process for hourly job seekers or creating roadblocks? Below, we’ve shared several do’s and don’ts to help your recruiting team support a frictionless experience.

    Do simplify the application experiences

    So many hourly job opportunities are available today that candidates don’t have to think twice about abandoning an application if they find the process too time consuming. In fact, about 91% of hourly candidates who start an application don’t finish if the application requires the candidate to create a profile, use multiple platforms to get through the process, and take other inconvenient steps.

    To simplify the job application, all you really need to require is simple contact information and a few quick pre-screen questions to ensure candidates are qualified and have the availability needed for the roles you’re looking to fill.

    Another reason simple applications are a necessity is that an increasing number of candidates apply to jobs on mobile devices – similar to how they shop and do other activities on mobile. Mobile job applications surpassed desktop for the first time in 2020 and nearly 70% of job applications were submitted on a mobile device in 2021. The more fields or steps that need to be completed, the trickier the process on mobile – and some hiring tools don’t even have mobile capabilities, which leads to missing out on a significant pool of candidates.

    Don’t require a resume

    Traditional hiring tools – such as job boards and applicant tracking systems – often require candidates to submit resumes when they apply. However, this is more of a fit for corporate or professional roles, as many hourly candidates don’t have formal resumes.

    Another challenge is that even if hourly job seekers do have resumes, if they’re applying on their mobile device, they might not have their resume readily available to include with the application. If this is the case and a resume is absolutely required, you risk losing a significant amount of potential applicants.

    Do automate manual tasks

    Many steps involved in a traditional hiring process are manual – such as reviewing applications, calling candidates to set up phone screens, extending job offers, and more. communicating with candidates, scheduling interviews, and more. Such steps can be a time consuming burden on your hiring team. Additionally, as manual steps slow down the hiring process, some of your best hourly candidates might lose interest in joining your team.

    AppyHere removes the administrative headaches typically associated with manual tasks. Intelligent hyper-automation helps pre-screen and rank candidates, and automatically schedules qualified candidates for interviews. Background checks can also be completed within 15 minutes, while it can take several business days with other solutions.

    The app is specifically designed to simplify recruitment and hiring for hourly workers, helping your recruiting team support a frictionless experience and enabling each team member to recruit up to 50 candidates per week.

    Don’t rely on a lengthy, outdated hiring processes

    Traditional hiring processes are designed to take place over the course of several weeks, with the average time to hire being about 23.8 days. Additionally, a recent survey shows that only 30% of hourly candidates were extended an offer within a week of applying.

    More than 60% of job seekers report being unimpressed by time-consuming recruitment processes and are demanding companies create a more modern recruiting experience.Traditional hiring steps might include: pre-screen surveys, multiple rounds of interviews, skills testing, a presentation, reference checks, and extensive background checks, among other steps.

    A long, drawn out process is designed for high-level, corporate jobs and doesn’t support the frictionless experience that hourly candidates demand.

    Instead of a long list of hiring steps, an hourly hiring process – like the process powered by AppyHere – might only require a few quick pre-screening questions, one interview and a quick background check. As a result of this efficient process through AppyHere, your recruiting team can extend offers to candidates as soon as 40 minutes after they apply.

    Do streamline candidate communication

    Research shows that 58% of candidates expect to hear back from companies in one week or less regarding their initial application. And hourly candidates expect an even quicker process – one study shows that a 24-hour break between steps in the hiring process results in a 30% reduction in hourly candidate flow.

    AppyHere supports seamless, efficient communication with candidates directly in the app. Today’s job seekers almost always have their phones within arm’s reach and through AppyHere, you can communicate with candidates easily and confidentially. Options are available to communicate with candidates via integrated messaging and video conferencing directly on the app – without having to share your direct contact information.

    With access to simplified communication features, you can keep candidates engaged and updated as they move through each step of your streamlined hiring process.

    Partner with AppyHere for frictionless hiring

    Today’s hourly candidates expect their job application and hiring experience to be just as seamless as interactions they have as consumers. AppyHere streamlines hourly hiring by allowing candidates to apply in just a few simple steps, and automating steps throughout the hiring process, removing friction along the way while saving your recruiting team time.

    To date, we’ve partnered with leading recruiting teams to hire nearly 60,000 hourly workers. Learn more about how AppyHere can be your complete solution for frictionless hourly hiring – schedule a demo today.

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