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    Martin Mathe
    Last updated
    October 2, 2022

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73.3 million workers in the United States are paid hourly wages, representing 55.5% of all workers. Additionally, research from found that 73% of large organizations recruit hourly workers.

    Despite hourly employees making up more than half the working population, many employers approach hourly hiring in a similar manner to recruiting for higher level, more skilled positions. This approach slows down the hourly hiring process and leads to a frustrating candidate experience.

    Individuals have become accustomed to a frictionless experience in their consumer interactions, given convenient options such as one-click purchases on Amazon and ordering an Uber in a matter of seconds. As job seekers, they expect a similar, user-friendly experience when applying and interviewing for jobs.

    Starting with the application process, it’s important for hourly employers to support a seamless and engaging experience. Below, we’ve highlighted a few key benefits of enabling quick apply and not requiring resumes when hiring hourly workers.

    Secure Hourly Applicants Before They Lose Interest

    In today’s competitive hiring market, about , two positions are open for every unemployed worker. Whether they’re not currently employed or looking to switch jobs, hourly workers have the flexibility to be more selective than ever before when applying to open roles.

    If hourly workers run into friction or roadblocks due to a lengthy application, they likely won’t complete the application, especially when other, faster applications are available from other employers. In fact, 70% of job seekers won’t submit a job application if it takes longer than 15 minutes to complete, and this number is likely even higher for hourly workers. Additionally, about 91% of hourly candidates who start a job application don’t finish if the application requires arduous, inconvenient steps.

    With AppyHere, hourly job seekers can use an intuitive app (available via iPhone or Android) to apply to your open roles in less than two minutes, which will help you drive more candidates, faster. All that’s required is basic contact information, background on their work experience and a few quick pre-screen question responses to confirm candidates are qualified and have availability for the roles you’re looking to fill. Candidates can also schedule an interview as soon as the day they apply, instead of waiting days or weeks, as is often the case with traditional hiring methods such as job boards, applicant tracking systems and hiring agencies.

    Avoid Turning Away Qualified Candidates

    Many hourly workers don’t have a formal resume and don’t always have access to a desktop computer. In fact, mobile job applications surpassed desktop for the first time in 2020 and nearly 70% of job applications were submitted on a mobile device in 2021.

    Companies that require a resume to complete hourly job applications or don’t support mobile applications often unintentionally turn away hourly job seekers who would otherwise be qualified for open positions.

    Traditional hiring solutions such as job boards and applicant tracking systems often require resumes and prompt candidates to fill out lengthy, time consuming forms before submitting an application. This leads to many hourly candidates abandoning applications and as a result, applicant tracking systems only have about a 5-7% conversion rate (rate from click to apply).

    With the quick apply option available through the AppyHere app, no resume is required, helping to ensure your company doesn’t limit your talent pool to only hourly job seekers who have resumes. A convenient, frictionless mobile app also helps drive a much higher conversion rate, averaging 24%, compared to job boards and applicant tracking systems.

    Improve Candidate Communications

    A recent survey of 2,000 job seekers from around the globe found that more than half (53%) of candidates have abandoned a recruitment process because of poor communication. After applying, candidates are often left waiting to hear back from recruiters, end up playing phone tag to schedule interviews, and face other frustrations that have a negative impact on the candidate experience.

    By leveraging AppyHere, once candidates complete applications using the quick apply option, your team can continue to support an engaging experience for candidates each step of the way.

    AppyHere’s integrated communication tools help your team t interact with hourly job candidates seamlessly and confidentially. Options are available for your recruiting team to connect with candidates via integrated text messaging, phone calls and video conferencing directly in the app. This improves overall candidate communication and helps your team avoid challenges related to tracking down contact information to get in touch with candidates.

    Support a Quick Application Process with AppyHere

    Top hourly employers prioritize a quick, engaging application experience – and focus on continuing to keep hourly candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. This includes enabling quick apply, not requiring a resume, supporting mobile applications, and streamlining candidate communication.

    AppyHere is trusted by leading recruiting teams to fill all their hourly positions and we’re eager to help you achieve your hourly hiring goals. Learn more about how AppyHere can be your complete solution all your hourly hiring needs – schedule a demo today.

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