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    Martin Mathe
    Last updated
    August 8, 2022

    Top employers invest a significant amount of budget in attracting candidates to their open roles, often spending well over $100,000 each year on employer branding. While brand is important, attracting talent with engaging branding doesn’t matter if you end up losing candidates to a slow recruitment process.

    Initial engagement with candidates is only a small piece of the hourly hiring puzzle. Once candidates learn about your open roles, supporting a smooth application experience and efficient hiring is critical.

    Is your organization facing challenges with losing top hourly talent during the hiring process? In this blog post, we’ll highlight key roadblocks that slow down the hiring process – and how to speed it up.

    Applications Are Too Long

    Job seekers have countless options at their fingertips to apply for their next role, meaning they are more selective than ever before – and skip lengthy job applications. In fact, 70% of job seekers will not submit a job application if it takes longer than 15 minutes to complete, and this number is likely even higher for hourly workers.

    In addition to seeking quick applications, candidates also want to apply to jobs on mobile devices. Mobile job applications surpassed desktop for the first time in 2020 and nearly 70% of job applications were submitted on a mobile device in 2021.

    Traditional hiring methods often require resumes as part of the job application, which many hourly workers don’t have. Complicating the process further, many employers’ applicant tracking systems and job boards also prompt candidates to manually fill in the same information they’ve already shared in their resume, taking more time and leading to a frustrating experience – especially on mobile. As a result, applicant tracking systems only have about a 5-7% conversion rate (rate from click to apply).

    The bottom line is, hourly candidates expect a frictionless experience, just as they do in their day-to-day lives as consumers on Amazon, Uber and other frictionless consumer experiences. Therefore, they aren’t aren’t interested in lengthy applications – especially when they know other, faster applications are available elsewhere. To drive applications from top hourly candidates, make the process as quick and simple as possible by only asking for information that is absolutely necessary.

    The Hiring Process is Manual and Overly Complicated

    Traditional hiring methods utilizing job boards and applicant tracking systems are designed with lengthy, complex hiring processes in mind, with the average time to hire being about 23.8 days. This lengthy process is designed for high-level, corporate roles and doesn’t work for hourly workers.

    A traditional hiring process through an ATS can include: Pre-screen surveys, three or four rounds of interviews, skills testing, a presentation, references, and extensive background checks, among other steps. On the other hand, an hourly job might only require a few quick pre-screening questions, one interview and a quick background check.

    Along the way, many of the steps with a traditional hiring process are manual – such as reviewing resumes, communicating with candidates, scheduling interviews, and more. Not only does this take up your recruiting team’s time, but it slows down the hiring process, which can drive candidates away and have a negative impact on your team’s ability to hire top hourly talent down the road.

    Rather than relying on traditional methods that slow down the hiring process, it’s important to tap into a solution designed specifically for hourly workers that includes simplified and automated hiring steps.

    Hiring Teams Waste Time on Unqualified Candidates

    Job boards can be cluttered with outdated duplicate positions, and do a poor job of screening candidates prior to and throughout the hiring process. For example, job boards don’t always flag when candidates don’t have the availability a company is looking for or is located outside the local area.

    Most hourly candidates work within a five-mile radius of their home, but with job boards and other traditional methods, up to 75% of applications received come from another country, which ends up leading to wasted recruitment budget.

    When your recruiting team spends time manually reviewing applications for candidates who are not qualified, you risk overlooking losing qualified hourly candidates or losing them to other opportunities with a quicker process.

    Support a Seamless Application Experience

    Top hourly employers understand the importance of a quick and engaging application experience. This means not requiring a resume, supporting mobile applications and only asking for the most important information.

    With AppyHere, hourly candidates use an intuitive app to apply to your open roles in less than two minutes, driving more candidates, faster. No resume is required, helping ensure you don’t turn away candidates without resumes, and candidates are simply asked a few simple pre-screen questions as part of their application. Candidates can also get an interview as soon as the day they apply, rather than waiting weeks – or longer – to hear back from your recruiting team, as is often the case with traditional hiring methods.

    Drive Efficiency Throughout the Hiring Process

    Once an hourly candidate applies to one of your open roles, the last thing you want is to hold them up with a slow hiring process. AppyHere is specifically designed to speed up recruitment and hiring for hourly workers, enabling each member of your recruiting team to recruit up to 50 candidates per week, and, in some cases, extend offers to candidates within 40 minutes of applying.

    Through AppyHere’s hiring solution, intelligent hyper-automation helps pre-screen and rank candidates, and automatically schedules qualified candidates for interviews – including in-person, phone, video, and group interviews. Background checks can also be completed within 15 minutes, while it can take several business days with other solutions.

    AppyHere’s hiring solution helps your team members spend up to 80% less time on administrative tasks, so they can ensure candidates are moving through the hiring process and receive offers quickly, and frees up time to spend on more strategic tasks.

    AppyHere: Your Complete Hourly Hiring Solution

    At the end of the day, your employer branding isn’t the driving force behind converting hourly job applicants into eventual hires. Rather, the speed and experience of your hiring process can make or break your ability to stand out from other employers and secure the best hourly talent. Top recruiting teams trust AppyHere to fill all of their hourly positions. We’re here to help you support a top notch candidate experience and streamline your hiring process. Learn more about how AppyHere can be your complete solution for quick and efficient hourly hiring – schedule a demo today.

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