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frustration and realization

Our story starts with a classic tale of frustration and realization

Serge Massicotte
Serge is the fearless leader of the AppyHere crew, with a captain's vision for hourly hiring efficiency. As the former GM of Taleo, one of the biggest names in recruitment software, Serge knows a thing or two about creating top-notch hiring solutions! With his extensive experience in the AI and cloud computing fields, he brings a unique blend of tech wisdom and business savvy to the table. A master of multi-site IT organization, product management, and software development, Serge is known for always pushing forward to ensure AppyHere is the ultimate tool for all your hourly hiring needs!
John Sarvari
John, CTO and Co-Founder of AppyHere, is the tech wizard behind the platform's seamless user experience. With more than two decades of experience in tech, thought leadership, fostering innovation, and defining next-generation SaaS solutions, John has a great handle on even the most complex technical aspects of AppyHere, as well as how to apply them in business terms. He is also great at attracting top talent, building extraordinary teams, and identifying strategic partners that contribute to AppyHere's exponential growth.
Patrick McLean
Patrick is a superhero in the world of HR, bringing over 20 years of experience in business management and executive recruiting to the AppyHere team. He's a master at evaluating potential candidates, having reviewed over 15,000 resumes and successfully placed over 300 executives across a broad range of industries. Patrick's proficiency at recognizing top talent is unparalleled, and has led to a phenomenal track record of success in his various endeavours -- including AppyHere.
Martin Mathe
Martin is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of AppyHere. With over 25 years in HR and management, his expertise has been instrumental in shaping AppyHere's vision -- including incorporating HR best practices into the platform, and optimizing it for hourly hiring. With his experience working for companies such as BBA and Taxelco, Martin has developed a keen understanding of the labor market and how to effectively manage and recruit employees.
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