Recruitment campaign for Loblaw

Design a recruitment campaign to fill order picker positions for the Boucherville warehouse and deploy this campaign via various channels (posters, social networks, landing pages and emails).


The largest food distributor in Canada and third largest in North America, Loblaw's Boucherville warehouse manages all frozen and perishable foods for Provigo, Provigo le Marché, Maxi, Maxi & Co and Club Entrepôt stores in Quebec. There are more than 700 employees.


- Establish current hiring costs of the order picker position and reduce these costs

- Offer an alternative to traditional sourcing platforms (such as Indeed) that do not always produce the desired results

- Increase the number of applications received for the position

- Produce an original concept that can be easily adapted to different media throughout the campaign

- Develop a unique message in line with the company's values and mission


To ensure fast and effective results, we developed all the messages and visuals for the digital campaign, then managed and optimized it on an ongoing basis. We coordinated the creation and distribution of the outdoor advertising (on a billboard).


In addition to lowering the cost of hiring by 66%, we have developed a much more reliable and predictable recruitment alternative to traditional methods. The number of applications received as well as the interview/hire ratio has also increased.

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